10 raisons pour abolir les Nations-Unies, Daniel Greenfield (en anglais)

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When the United Nations begins deliberation on the Palestinian Authority’s demand for a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state in the next few days, it will purposefully ignore the fact that the Gaza half of that proposed state is ruled by a group, Hamas, that has called for the destruction of Israel and a genocide against the Jewish people. This entire event, Daniel Greenfield writes in this searing new pamphlet, reminds us once again that the UN is “a democracy of tyrants” that has long since turned its back on the ideals present at its founding.

In 10 Reasons to Abolish the UN, Greenfield shows why the “world body” has become a theatre of the absurd in which injustice of all kind flourishes. From failing to prevent outbreaks of genocide across the globe, to creating a rancid regimen of double standards that obsessively condemn Israel, while allowing countries such as Syria and Cuba to head its Human Rights Commission, the UN has become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.  It is little wonder that at the end of this provocative pamphlet, the author says that he had trouble limiting why the UN should be abolished to a mere 10 reasons.

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