Arafat autopsy report suggests AIDS, Ryan Jones

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New autopsy details soon to be released by the French hospital where Yasser Arafat died in 2004 once again suggest that the former PLO leader and icon of the "Palestinian cause" was suffering from AIDS.

Arafat's family has agreed to make public the autopsy report, which describes a "platelet disorder," Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Qidwa, told Bethlehem's Ma'an news agency at the weekend.

The doctors reportedly go on to speculate on the reason for the platelet disorder, ruling out cancer and acute infection.

Al-Qidwa, speaking at his uncle's graveside in Ramallah on Friday to mark the seventh anniversary of his passing, continued to insist that Arafat was poisoned by Israel.

But the autopsy report also points out that doctors were not able to find any trace of poison in Arafat's body, a fact that al-Qidwa begrudgingly acknowledged:

"We reaffirm our conviction that Israel was responsible for the poisoning of the late president Yasser Arafat, but we recognize our inability to get a definitive answer."

For those not sidetracked by political correctness, and who are willing to employ a little deductive reasoning, there is another alternative: AIDS.

The HIV virus that results in AIDS is well known to cause platelet disorders.

The Palestinians have vehemently rejected the AIDS option, as the condition is typically associated with a homosexual lifestyle.

But according to former eastern European intelligence officials, Arafat was, in fact, a closet homosexual.

In his book Red Horizons, former Romanian intelligence chief Lt.-Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa recounted how during visits to the regime of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to obtain training and funds for his PLO forces, Arafat would engage in homosexual affairs with his bodyguards.

In one instance, Pacepa writes about checking in with Gen. Constantin Munteaunu, who was assigned to Arafat. Munteaunu reportedly responded:

"I just called the microphone monitoring center to ask about the 'Fedayee' [Arafat's code name]. After the meeting with the Comrade, he went directly to the guest house and had dinner. At this very moment, the 'Fedayee' is in his bedroom making love to his bodyguard. The one I knew was his latest lover. He's playing tiger again. The officer monitoring his microphones connected me live with the bedroom, and the squawling almost broke my eardrums. Arafat was roaring like a tiger, and his lover yelping like a hyena."

Later in the book Pacepa wrote that after learning all he had about the Palestinian leader through years of spying on him, "I felt a compulsion to take a shower whenever I had been kissed by Arafat, or even just shaken his hand."

In 2007, Ahmad Jibril, leader of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, told Hizballah's Al-Manar TV that current Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had admitted to him that Arafat died of AIDS.

"When [Abbas] came to Damascus with his team, I asked them: 'What happened to the investigation into the death of Abu Amar [Arafat's nom de guerre]? The Israelis killed him. He was my colleague ever since 1965 and used to sleep at my home. He and I followed the same path,'" Jibril said. "They were silent, and then one of them said to me: 'To be honest, the French gave us the medical report, that stated that the cause of Abu Ammar's death was AIDS.' I am not saying this, they did."

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